Ratpdev Usa

McDonald Transit Associates, Inc. also is the transit affiliate of RATP Dev in the United States through its RATP Dev America corporation. In this relationship, McDonald Transit is owned 49% by its employees and 51% by RATP Dev America.
RATP Dev America is a subsidiary of the RATP Dev Group, the long time operator of one of the world’s premier transit systems: the multimodal system in Paris.

RATP Dev brings the global experience to expand coverage and improve service in some of the world’s largest transit markets. As a multimodal operator, we offer operating and maintenance expertise in all means of land transportation: buses, light rails, metros, regional railways and specific transport services.

We carefully listen to our clients, We work with them to address their specific requirements, enriched by our experiences with small cities, metropolitan and regional entities. We enter partnerships to expand coverage and improve service.

We take pride in our high quality service. Our expertise covers all services related to mobility (passenger information, ticketing, space management, transportation on demand and paratransit) and unrivalled technical assistance to operate transportation networks.

We provide security and reliability, drawing on RATP’s 100 years of experience with its Paris region multimodal network, one of the world’s most demanding with over 10 million trips per day. We bring innovative but proven answers, with driverless metros, multi-network ticketing, customer marketing and many other solutions pioneered by RATP. We create integrated transport networks.